Jerry Brummett



Dish to cook: risotto


Dish to eat: steak & risotto


Cut: ribeye


Veg: carrot


Herb: rosemary


Snack: stinky brie


"Can you imagine the first caveman to ever grill up a piece of meat? That guy is everyone's hero..."  - Jerry

"Watching Jerry cook is like watching a little kid unwrap his first bike. The anticipation, the excitement, the ideas of where it could take him and what he could explore are plastered on his face. When I get to watch this magic up close (which is almost every night, i am so spoiled) it's true entertainment. Wine is involved of course, and music- usually reggae or rap.


Ingredients are sprawled out across the counter and the island on display. One after another they are prepared and set aside. At this point his expression changes from "let's get started" to "it's game time bitches".


He cranks out a dish any restaurant would envy, and does it like a badass. Yet what really draws you in, is how you can still see that kid-like joy. If you're ever lucky enough for him to share that with you, I can promise you that it's just as satisfying as the food you're about to eat".  -M